Vector Classes

Vector classes are used to create 1-dimensional arrays of data. In general any class that supports the below operations is said to be a vector class.

  • indexing, which is invoked by the v[i] syntax.
  • length
  • ++, which is the append operation.
  • copy, which returns a shallow copy.
  • in iterates over the members of the vector object.

Built-in Vector Classes

There are four built-in vector classes in

User Defined Vector Classes

To be implemented! Probable initial design will be something like:

vectorclass CLASS_NAME
        [ flavour (immutable|updateable|dynamic); ]
        [ type TYPE_EXPRESSION; ]
        [ constructor CONSTRUCTOR_NAME; ]
        [ exploder EXPLODER_NAME; ]
        [ recogniser RECOGNISER_NAME; ]
        [ indexer INDEXER_NAME; ]
        [ length LENGTH_NAME; ]