Ginger Version 0.8.1

Shell and Help Commands added to Ginger interpreter via new Tool

The ginger interpreter now specially intercepts certain inputs and treats them as commands. These

Unix shell command - any input starting with an exclamation mark is now handed off to the shell. e.g.

>>> !pwd

Help command - any input matching ‘help’ or ‘help <topic-name>’ will now open a web browser on that topic. e.g.

>>> help instruction_set

User Configurable File-Extension-to-Parser Mapping

The file2gnx tool is now responsible for managing the mapping from file extensions through to the parsing tool. This is now fully configurable by the user via the settings file ‘parser-mapping.mnx’. The search for settings file is XDG base directory specification compliant.

file2gnx searches the below path for ‘parser-mapping.mnx’ files. The first matching entry wins.

  1. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ginger
  2. if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME does not exist fall back to $HOME/.config/ginger
  3. For folder FOLDER in the colon-separated path $XDG_CONFIG_PATH search FOLDER/ginger
  4. If $XDG_CONFIG_PATH is not defined fall back to /etc/ginger

Pass Multiple, Comma-Separated Options with -O Option

A new -O option for passing multiple options as a single option has been added to ginger-script, ginger-cgi and ginger. This was added due to the widesperad limitation of only being able to support passing a single option to #! scripts.

#!/usr/local/bin/ginger-script -O-ggnx,-m1

Ginger Instruction Set Documented

An initial documentation set for the Ginger VM instruction set has been written. This is automatically generated from the comments contained within the instructions.

In later versions this will be integrated fully into the Ginger Documentation project. For this release the documentation is stored by default at: