Converting GSON to GNX: gson2gnx

Author:Stephen Leach

Created, July 2011


This filter converts GSON expressions on the standard input into GNX expressions on the standard output.


Usage: gson2gnx OPTIONS < GSON_IN > GNX_OUT

Options -H, –help[=TOPIC]

Provides short help on topics.

  • --help=help

    this short help

  • --help=licence

    help on displaying license information

Options -V, –version

Prints out the version of gson2gnx and which release of AppGinger it is part of. For example:

% gson2gnx -V
gson2gnx: version 0.1 (Jul 22 2011 13:01:34) part of AppGinger version 0.7.0

Options -L –license[=PART]

Prints out the GNU Public License or specific subparts.

  • By default displays the GNU Public License.
  • –license=warranty, Shows the warranty part.
  • –license=conditions, Shows terms and conditions part of the license.


% echo 'if[ true, 1, f(x) ]' | gson2gnx | tidymnx
    <id name="true"/>
    <constant type="int" value="1"/>
        <id name="f"/>
            <id name="x"/>