LinX-to-MinX: A Grammar Driven Parser - Lexis-in-XML to Minimal-XMLΒΆ

  • This section is intended to be the reference the lnx2mnx tool.

  • Strictly speaking this tool is still in development and is not yet scheduled for any particular release. But if you have a need for it then let us know, the current version is working and only lacks documentation and a little polish.

  • This is a tool for intermediate to advanced programmers that is useful for converting LNX (the output of src2lnx) into MNX. The programmer writes the parser in a simple grammar using MNX syntax.

    n.b. At some point in the future we may give MNX its own mini language that’s more human friendly. But it is fairly simple to read at the moment.

  • Readers of this section are likely to be trying to add a new front-end syntax to Ginger.